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Warm Autumn greetings from Gaia Education! 

We are bringing you the latest news and freshest developments from our programmes and the organisation. Much has been going on since the last GEESE InFormation, as you will surely notice.

Most currently, our 10-month E-learning programme 'Design for Sustainability' will be starting soon. This programme encapsulates the four dimensions needed in designing a sustainable future. Read more about the course starting 17th of October below.

We would also love to hear from you! Are you a previous student? What have you been up to since completing a Gaia Education programme? Get in touch with Milla to share your experiences - or just to say hello. We look forward to your stories.

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Social Design

Are you looking to consciously reinvent cooperative and harmonious ways of living and working together?

Join our e-learning course and learn practical effective ways to create the change we all seek.

Gaia Education Welcomes Jesper and Mandeigh
You might have noticed that Gaia Education is currently growing in scope and reach?
by Milla Harju

Fresh News and Developments in E-learning
This past summer, Gaia Education's e-learning programmes took a qualitative and quantitative leap with new courses launched and more courses in development.
by Giovanni Ciarlo

Letting the World Know About our Excellent Work!
"We need to become more visible to those who have not yet realised that there is a way to learn more about how 'to be the change we want to see in the world', how to co-create thriving communities and local economies, how to become a global-local change agent and contribute to the Great Work"
by Daniel Wahl

Gaia Education Diseño de Sistemas Integrados para la Sostenibilidad
Los problemas del cambio climático, la pérdida de biodiversidad, el agotamiento de los recursos naturales, el aumento de la desigualdad y la pobreza, la demanda creciente de mayor participación social, etc. nos obligan a replantearnos nuestra manera de estar en el mundo, la manera en cómo diseñamos nuestras comunidades y organizaciones para que sean verdaderamente sostenibles.
by Ulises

Around The World
Sicilia Integra: Restoring the Local Communities

Sicilia Integra is a beautiful reflection of how a project which seems to have a very direct set of objectives, actually weaves an intricate tapestry of interconnectedness.
by Mandeigh Wells-Ali

Auroville Youth EDE Approaching
Do you consider yourself as Youth? Re-phrasing - is your physical age under 30?
We invite you to come spend five transformational weeks in lush Auroville, India, one of the world's largest intentional communities. 
by Penelope Reyes

Exchanging the Seeds of Theory and Practice
The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Palestine delivered a full month of learning, sharing, and empowering in a community setting. 
by EDE Palestine team

Gaia Education in Brasil
Para celebrar os dez anos do Programa Gaia Education no Brasil, convocamos gaianos,  organizadores, educadores, parceiros e interessados para o Festival 10 anos Gaia Brasil. Será um espaço para trocar experiências, difusão das iniciativas que se destacaram nestes anos e co-criação do futuro da Rede Gaia Brasil. Acesse a página do Facebook para acompanhar as novidades e venha voar junto!    

In Other News
GEN call for European Voluntary Service in Findhorn

Are you someone who is positive, optimistic, and solutions-oriented?
Swedish friends, this is your last chance to apply for a year of European Voluntary Service in the Global Ecovillage Network office in Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland.
by Global Ecovillage Network

Fellowship for Intentional Communities Announces New Communities Directory
For 25 years, the Fellowship for Intentional Communities (FIC) has been offering extensive resources to individuals and communities pursuing cooperative culture. To that aim, one of our pillar offerings is the Communities Directory, an in-depth book for connecting interested humans with communes, cohousing cooperatives, ecovillages, and intentional communities in the US and all over the planet.
by Kim Kanney, FIC Bookshop Manager

Gaia Education featured in The Ecologist
Building a new more sustainable future is surely best done by creating inspiring alternatives rather than criticising the old. 
by Daniel Wahl



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